Building Your Dreams

Customer Testimonials

Mike and Rose Schultz
Parker, CO

    Partners Construction is exceptional. They truly live up to their name, Partners. When we first consulted with them they showed us pictures of all the beautiful work they have done. Our requirements were simple; all we wanted them to do is make our basement look exactly like it was built by the original builder of the house.

    Mike and Amy heard what we wanted and set out to design and build a basement that matched the main floor perfectly. You cannot tell that it was not finished when the house was originally built. Their attention to detail and quality of construction is excellent. We got exactly what we wanted with Partners Construction and highly recommend them to anyone who wants a contractor who cares enough to deliver exactly what you want.

Rod & Nancy Steedman,
Denver, CO


1. You don't like contractors who are creative and solution-oriented
2. You don't think much of reasonable, fixed-price bids
3. You don't value timely performance of work
4. You don't appreciate having a contractor who is a perfectionist and expects high quality from all his subs
5. You don't know why a general contractor would actually like doing hands-on work himself
6. You don't expect to be reminded, that you told your contractor to stop asking you for expensive change orders
7. You don't want to feel that your contractor is in fact your partner on your project
8. You don't see the point in prompt post-project service
9. You don't like people with a sense of humor
10. You don't get it, that in Partners Construction you are dealing with real professionals

    As for us, we have assured friends and family that we will not do another remodel; but now we can't be so sure, after such a positive experience working with Mike and Amy!

Victoria Jacobs
Centennial, CO

    Mike and Amy Hughes of Partners Construction were a joy to work with from start to finish. Partners completed what I consider a major remodeling project on our house. They added two bedrooms. The first was built in the airspace of a two-story entryway. It involved significant engineering to put the floor in, but allowed us to claim space that was going unused for a bedroom we needed. The second involved closing in a large loft on the second floor to create a traditional bedroom. Additionally, Partners removed all of the white trim, doors, door frames, window sills, and other woodwork in the house and replaced it with stained solid oak woodwork. The project also entailed replacing carpet and vinyl in several rooms with wood and tile floors, the construction of a new fireplace mantel, various electrical repairs and projects, various drywall modifications, and repainting the house's entire interior.

    Partners worked with an engineer to design the entire project from scratch, and then built it to completion. From the beginning, they were extremely helpful in working with us to get our minds around what could be done to achieve our desired results, and in communicating clearly with us the specifics of how much things would cost and what the work would entail. They put together a detailed proposal that laid out everything that would be done and specific line-item budget amounts. Throughout the work, their communication was excellent. Their crews and subs were respectful and pleasant to have in my home. I never had to worry about what my children might overhear at the house. The workmanship was top-notch. Everyone who saw the house before and after says the new rooms look like they always were there. I get tremendous joy from the beauty of their work in my home, and my family is benefiting from the improved functionality of the house for our lives. And, in the end, Partners completed the job on budget and ahead of schedule!

    The next time I need a contractor, I definitely will use Partners again.